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oil separator integrates well the different techniques of oil separation in the design of its products

This book is a hybrid of fact and fiction. Niger Delta is the region with vast oil reserves, which makes Nigeria the sixth world largest oil exporter and Africa’s biggest. The Niger Delta is underdeveloped in all its ramifications despite the fact that it is the economic powerhouse of the nation. Jasper, leader of Niger Delta Emancipation Force engages on offensive against the oil companies’ installations and their members of staff, resulting in killing and kidnapping of some foreign oil workers. He orders the abduction of McWood, an American and the managing Director of Orient Petroleum Development Company -the biggest oil company. When the Joint Task Force fails to secure his release after two months in captivity, US marines arrive the country with the approval of the government and help to rescue him and other hostages. As rising violence, oil theft, pipeline vandalism, and kidnapping begin to impact negatively on Nigeria’s fiscal revenue as well as making it difficult to meet some of its domestic obligations, the government decides to grant the militants amnesty and accepts to develop the region.

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