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angels with furry faces

Mere miscalculations can cause problems but mistakes on a miraculous scale vibrate the very pillars of Heaven and Earth. An error in the scrolls of Colin, celestial administrator-in-chief, leaves the small town of Peddleton in turmoil as ricocheting miracles threaten the rafters of every church, chapel and chapter house in the district. Raging insanity can be the only way to make sense of the confusion as the intended vessel of the Holy Spirit is trailed by heavenly observers in disguise as angels with furry faces. Curtis finds his life entwined with rampaging Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses with bibles to bash, a self-imploding police force and a disparate group of the helpless who are fighting against a tide of undirected miracle power. At least for some species all is not lost as the rodent population of Peddleton find inspiration in their newly arrived saviour,Heyzoos. But seriously, how bad can things become when the second coming of Jesus Christ is completely derailed?

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